Hanson Research has developed a new series of racks for the Vision G2 AutoFill collector.

There are 4 different rack types. Each rack type is encoded with a type ID, which is automatically detected by the collector when a rack is installed. This ensures that a dissolution method can not start with an improperly installed rack. Row -and column numbers are laser cut in the top plate and the rack is equipped with a sturdy handle.


16 x 100 mm Test Tubes 18 x 8, 144 Positions

The 4 rack types are as follows:

  • 13 x 100mm Test Tube Rack
  • 16 x 100mm Test Tube Rack
  • 12 x 32mm HPLC Vial Rack
  • 12 x 32mm UPLC Vial Rack


12 x 32 mm “Tripple” Rack UPLC Vial Rack
3 Trays 6 x 8, 144 Positions

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