The Vision Microette system automates sampling from groups of six vertical diffusion cells for extensive unattended tests, and handles surfactants, saline, and hydroalcoholic receptor solutions. The Microette is an ideal research and quality control tool for the study of topical and transdermal drug delivery formulations, as well as ophthalmics, cosmetics, skin care products, and pesticides.

The Vision Microette now includes two models: a versatile “multi-group” system handling up to 3 sets of vertical diffusion cells, and a lower cost “single-group” system automating 1 set of vertical diffusion cells.

The Vision Microette Multi-Group autosampler can be expanded to handle up to 3 groups of cell experiments for a total of 18 cells (6 cells per group).

US Patents, CE, CSA and RoHS compliant.

For reference, see FDA Guideline SUPAC-SS


Read more about the Vision® Microette™  at  Teledyne Hanson Research Corporation.



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