The Phoenix™ family of dry-heat diffusion systems provides a new level of performance and efficiency in the testing of topical and transdermal formulations. The new product line includes an advanced Dry-Heat Diffusion Cell, a compact six-cell manual sampling system, and a robotic platform capable of unattended testing of up to 24 diffusion cells at once. The Phoenix dry-heat diffusion cell is more precise, easier to use, and less prone to operator error.



The Phoenix DB-6, a six-cell manual sampling system, is faster, easier to operate, and is controlled by an advanced single-board computer with a powerful processor, color-touch screen display, large data-storage capacity, and built-in SQL database.



The Phoenix RDS automated platform employs the same six-cell blocks as the DB-6, providing modularity and ease of upgrade from manual to automated lab procedures. The robotic system operates unattended on an XYX platform controlled by a Windows workstation with the ability to run two RDS platforms containing up to 24 diffusion cells at once. Programming is fast and easy, and the gains in cost, consistency, capacity and throughput are significant. 

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