Vision® vessel covers minimize evaporation to help control media volume during dissolution tests. Designed for seamless integration with Vision dissolution testers, these vessel covers can accommodate a variety of sample probes, digital temperature probes, and dissolution apparatuses. Automatic dosage delivery is also available with ADD™ (Auto-Dosage Delivery) covers. 150 and 250 mL vessels require a vessel cover and adapter ring for use in a Vision tester.


Easi-Lock Vessel Cover.
The cover is an all-round cover that are specially designed for the Vision series. There are guides on the cover to ensure the correct location on top of the vessels. The underside is shaped like a cone, which minimize condensation. Easi-Lock Vessel cover can be used both in the manual – and automatic dissolution baths. For manual sampling, there are two available ports for mounting manual sampling probes. For the automated systems the temperature – and sampling probes are guided through the cover ensuring the correct position inside the vessel.




74-107-022 Easi-Lock Vessel Cover





Easi-Lock ADD Vessel Cover
The ADD Vessel Coverallows for the automatic dosage delivery of suspensions, solid dosage forms, and sinkers. The trigger delivers the dosage automatically via the Hanson AutoMag™or SuperMag™ magazine, or by touch for manual sampling and staggered start times.




74-107-023 Easi-Lock ADD Vessel Cover