Teledyne Hanson offers a complete line of borosilicate glass dissolution vessels to accommodate a vast array of testing applications, including traditional small volume, Chinese small volume, standard one liter, and large-volume 2 liter.The rim on the “Easi-Lock” precision vessel is designed with a locking mechanism so the vessel can easy and simple be locked in place on the dissolution bath. The rim is made of CPVC and is very robust.Our Precision 1 liter dissolution vessels has been an industry standard for many years and meet USP vessel dimensions and are an excellent choice for dissolution testing, including ASTM requirements. Easi-LockTM vessels come with individual serial numbers and a USP Certificate of Conformance (COC). Amber and Peak vessel options also available.




Easi-Lock Vessel02

Easi-Lock™ Vessel 1 or 2 liter

74-105-151 Vessel Round Bottom 150 ml

Small Volume Vessel


Chinese Small Volume