Vision® G2 AutoPlus™

The Vision G2 AutoPlus is an upgrade of the popular Hanson autosampler. The G2 AutoPlus comes with a choice of 6 or 8 sampling channels, and DissoScan (1-bath) or Maximizer (multi-bath & multi-routine) configurations. Precision syringe pump mechanics, all-inert tubing and valves, and color touchscreen programming with up to 100 protocols are standard on each instrument.

Vision® G2 AutoFill™ Collector

The Vision AutoFill is a newly-engineered collector designed for seamless integration with the G2 AutoPlus. AutoFill accessories include choice of collection »Racks with:

  • 13 x 100 mm test tubes for UV-Vis, 18 x 8, 144 total,
  • 16 x 100 mm test tubes for UV-Vis, 18 x 8, 144 total,
  • 12 x 32 mm vials for HPLC, 21 x 8, 168 total,
  • 12 x 32 mm vials for UPLC, 3 trays 6 x 8, 144 total. (Trays for Waters Acquity UPLC).

Read more about the Vision® G2 AutoPlus™ Autosampler & Vision® G2 AutoFill™ Collector at Teledyne Hanson Research.



The new Vision G2 AutoPlus autosampler and AutoFill collector take the next step in dissolution automation with a streamlined new design and increased functionality. Here are some of the new features:

  • Precision syringe pump autosampling system
  • All-inert 5 mL syringes, valves, tubing and fluidics
  • Choice of DissoScan (1 tester) or Maximizer (multiple testers)
  • Choice of 6 or 8 sampling syringes (for 6 or 8 vessels)
  • Volume accuracy and repeatability ± 1%
  • Seamless integration with G2 Classic 6 and Elite 8
  • Automatic media replace standard with Maximizer
  • Convenient “Auto-Start” feature
  • Sample dilutions with AutoFill collector
  • In-line filter block kit (easy tubing and filter connections)
  • Handles problem drugs, surfactants and buffers
  • Trouble-free maintenance, no peri-pumps or check valves
  • Full color touchscreen with intuitive menus and programming
  • Up to 100 protocols (create, manage and save routines)
  • Upload & download programs with flash drive
  • Electronics and firmware include 32-bit digital technology
  • Print to both serial and PostScript-capable network printers
  • Alarms for sampling, maintenance and calibration
  • ISO 9001 quality certifiedSupports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance USP/FDA/ASTM/EP/JP compliant
  • Precision X-Y dissolution test sample collector
  • AutoFill features seamless integration with Vision AutoPlus
  • Choice of easy install collection racks with rack detection
  • Collect in test tubes for UV or vials for HPLC & UPLC
  • New wash port with end of test wash routine
  • Sample retrieval return to vessel accessory
  • AutoFill is designed and manufactured with CETAC Technologies USA
  • CE / CSA / RoHS compliant, includes earth-friendly packing


Dissolution testing determines the release rate of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in tablet or capsule form as it dissolves into solution.​


Diffusion testing is a release rate test of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in semisolid form as it permeates through a skin-like membrane into solution.​

Physical testing

​Physical testing refers to the monitoring of physical characteristics of a drug product, typically oral dosage forms such as tablets and capsules.


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