Immersion Cell

Immersion Cell

he Immersion Cell is used on a standard SR8-Plus or Vision dissolution tester configured with Small Volume Option and is designed for release rate tests of ointments, creams, lotions, etc. and are typically used for quality control.

The Immersion cell uses a standard 25 mm filter disks and has a 3 mm deep chamber in which the sample is placed. The cell containing the sample is placed at the bottom of a flat bottom small vessel. The test is performed exactly the same way as an ordinary dissolution test. See USP for further information.

Hanson Research has developed a special tool for loading the sample inside the Immersion cell.


Dissolution testing determines the release rate of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in tablet or capsule form as it dissolves into solution.​


Diffusion testing is a release rate test of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in semisolid form as it permeates through a skin-like membrane into solution.​

Physical testing

​Physical testing refers to the monitoring of physical characteristics of a drug product, typically oral dosage forms such as tablets and capsules.

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