Media-Mate PLus

If you work in a busy dissolution lab that demands both speed and accuracy

If you work in a busy dissolution lab that demands both speed and accuracy, we’ve got the perfect media- prep system for you. The Hanson Media-Mate Plus™ delivers pre-heated, filtered, deaerated, volumetrically dispensed media to six or seven dissolution vessels in less than five minutes. Built on a unique ergonomic cart, the Media-Mate Plus offers maximum portability for easy servicing of many dissolution test stations.

Interchangeable pre-heat tanks accommodate 10-40 L media and buffers with precision temperature control. Delivery volume is adjustable 250 to 1,000 mL in 50 mL increments (+/- 1% accuracy). Media deaeration is below 95% saturation when delivered to dissolution vessels (deaeration is achieved using thin film treatment in a vacuum). The convenient dispense bar fills 3+3, 4+2 or 4+3 vessel layouts.

The Media-Mate Plus™ has been updated (Oct 2012)

The Media-Mate Plus™ has been updated (Oct 2012) to provide improved performance in deaeration (dissolved oxygen now below 6 ppm) and reduced unusable volume in the media tank (from 8 to 2 L). Performance upgrade kits are available for existing Media-Mate Plus units.

​New operational panel provides easy-to-use controls. One simple button initiates complete media measurement/deaeration/dispense cycle. Fills the dissolution bath in less than 5 minutes. Read more about the Media-Mate Plus™ at Teledyne Hanson Research.



Dissolution testing determines the release rate of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in tablet or capsule form as it dissolves into solution.​


Diffusion testing is a release rate test of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in semisolid form as it permeates through a skin-like membrane into solution.​

Physical testing

​Physical testing refers to the monitoring of physical characteristics of a drug product, typically oral dosage forms such as tablets and capsules.

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