Vessel Covers

Vessel covers

Easi-Lock Vessel Cover

The cover is an all-round cover that are specially designed for the Vision series. There are guides on the cover to ensure the correct location on top of the vessels. The underside is shaped like a cone, which minimize condensation.

Easi-Lock Vessel cover can be used both in the manual – and automatic dissolution baths. For manual sampling, there are two available ports for mounting manual sampling probes. For the automated systems the temperature – and sampling probes are guided through the cover ensuring the correct inside the vessel.

ADD Clamshell Vessel Cover

ADD Clamshell Vessel Cover is the latest newcomer of the vessel covers from Hanson Research. The cover is designed primarily for Vision Elite-8 dissolution baths with the automatic sampling feature. ADD stands for Automatic Dosage Delivery, which means that the cover has a chamber in which to place tablets, powder or liquids that automatically can be dropped into the vessel.

The ADD cover can also be used for manual sampling. There are three ports that can be used for sampling probes. The samples can be placed in the sample chamber, and be dropped into Vessels by manual influence. This ensures that the samples are dropped from the same position every time.


Dissolution testing determines the release rate of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in tablet or capsule form as it dissolves into solution.​


Diffusion testing is a release rate test of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in semisolid form as it permeates through a skin-like membrane into solution.​

Physical testing

​Physical testing refers to the monitoring of physical characteristics of a drug product, typically oral dosage forms such as tablets and capsules.

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